10 reasons you need Pagecall

10 reasons you need Pagecall
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There are many online communication solutions out there. Here are the top ten reasons why Pagecall is the one you need.

  1. Easy to start

Getting started is as easy as clicking on a link. Pagecall comes fully ready to use on desktop, mobile, and tablet environments. We even offer an application or API docs, depending on your needs.

2. Powerful sync

When integrated, Pagecall blends right into your product and looks native to your end users. We make it effortless to incorporate your brand identity into the workspace.

3. Superior whiteboard interaction

Pagecall uses proprietary technology to provide a truly real-time whiteboard interaction. Unlike other real-time communication services, Pagecall offers ultra-low latency that minimizes online fatigue.

All whiteboard contents are also automatically saved for your future reference. Most other video communication services employ a technology where a contents layer is built separately from the annotation layer (Think of it as writing on a glass surface that is placed on top of a notepad). Because the annotation layer is not integrated into the contents layer, the user must take multiple screenshots or save image every time they want to save the note. With Pagecall, none of this is necessary.

4. Cross-platform and future-proof compatibility

Pagecall is optimized for use across all platforms - web, mobile, and tablets. Pair it with Apple Pencil or Samsung S-Pen for a truly authentic annotation experience. The mobile and tablet optimization also makes Pagecall a future-proof choice as more users shift to mobile devices.

For best whiteboard experience, try Pagecall on a tablet.

5. Data you can use

We deliver data to your server in real time using webhooks so you can build a solution that is tailor-made for your business. These are some of the things that become possible with Pagecall:

  • Track which user conducted what meeting and for how long
  • Get intuitive data on connection errors during and after the meeting
  • If you are running classes, automatically track and add instructors’ meeting times to build a real-time automatic payment system
  • Gain business insight such as which days or hours attracted most meetings

6. Covenient meeting setup

Pagecall suggests the best room template for your meeting. In addition, you can design a default setting that is auto-generated in new rooms (e.g., ice-breaking materials for introductory meetings, test prep materials for classrooms) and automate meeting room name generation (e.g., date created, name of the user who created the room).

You can also control the meeting setup in advance using administrator mode. Manage everything from individual mic and video access to page view, and time-based participant access. You can also assign labels such as host, guest, or presenter, which allows for as much flexibility or rigidity as you desire for each meeting.

7. Reduce cost

With the current economic condition, costs could just be what makes or breaks the business. Pagecall can help you run a leaner business so you can be smart about your resources.

  • No new hires: Start your business without having to build an engineering team from scratch. Recruit, retain, reward? No more.
  • No upfront cost: No hassle of paying for a product you may or may not use. Talk to us to find out the best plan or schedule a demo.
  • No host cost: Unlike some big names, we do not charge for additional hosts. We help you scale without added cost.

8. Tried and tested

We want to minimize the headache that comes with using new products. Post-covid online landscape is still filled with many unknowns but Pagecall has been up and running through it all for seven years. We can be your trusted partner in the face of unknown risks.

9. User-friendly tech

Pagecall is a real-time communication software that relies on stable network status of the end users. This can include the user’s hardware, OS, and browser, among other factors. To minimize issues caused by these factors, Pagecall provides a range of supports. An automated network status bar allows end users to self-check network issues. Issues reported during the meeting are bot-analyzed.

Check your network status using an easy visualized tool
Self-troubleshooting tool for issues during a meeting

10. Exponential growth

Here are just some examples of our client growths.

Online tutoring service that was spun off with the launch of Pagecall.
  • Continues to grow 25% every month years since launch.
  • Serves students in 33 countries, 157 cities.
An online tutoring startup launched their service in 2019 using Pagecall.
  • Launched in 2019. Received $14M in funding in 2021.
  • Quickly rose to the No. 1 tutoring service in Korea.
Online education leader launched a new tutoring service using Pagecall in 2021.
  • Service up and running in just three months.
  • 4600% growth in paid user in just one year.

About Pagecall

Pagecall is a state-of-the-art tool for real-time audio, video, and whiteboard interactions facilitating interactive and seamless online communication. We’re transforming the tutoring industry, one lesson at a time.