Intro to Pagecall API

Intro to Pagecall API

You've tried the two-week free trial. Or perhaps you are already using Pagecall to grow your business. If you are ready for more advanced customization or a more intuitive native app experience, it's time to consider Pagecall API integration.

What is API integration?

API stands for application programming interfaces, and is sometimes used interchangeably with the term "interface."  Connecting two or more applications using their interfaces, or integrating, allows the connected software systems to share data without human interruption. API defines and provides protocol on how the software components should interact with each other.

Most conventional videoconferencing solutions only offer advanced customization to customers on premium pricing plans. But if you are just starting your online business, chances are, you have varied month-to-month usage and cost, which make it difficult to commit to a premium pricing plan, or you simply don't have the resources to hire a complete engineering team to apply the customization to your service even if it is offered. And yet, customization can be a crucial differentiating factor for a business looking to break the barrier.

Customized for the most natural user experience

Pagecall customization in use

Pagecall offers advanced white labeling service, which goes beyond inserting brand logos and changing color schemes, to all customers regardless of pricing plan. In fact, Pagecall becomes one with your product so much that your end users won't even recognize they are using a third-party service, i.e., Pagecall. Pagecall's goal is to work seamlessly with your product so that your product's Pagecall-enhanced user experience becomes your selling point.

Pagecall enables this through cloud API integration. This way, you can enjoy the advantages without the added engineering effort required by SDK, which is what the customers are convinced Pagecall uses after seeing the advanced level of customization offered.

What is SDK and how is it different from API?

SDK stands for software development kit and is also known as a devkit. SDK is a toolbox that includes all components needed to build an application for a specific platform or programming language. In comparison, the role of API is to allow data exchange between software systems and to stipulate exactly how the data is to be exchanged. SDKs often include APIs but APIs do not contain SDKs.

Besides advanced customization, here are some advantages of integrating Pagecall into your service.

Product stability

Using a link to access Pagecall exposes the end users to stability issues from technical variances and human errors. Integration eliminates the risks involved in link access and the associated vulnerability, such as network and audio issues from interruptions from other applications.

Effective use of content database

Do you have a content database? Integration makes it easier for you to utilize that database. For example, without integration, the host of a meeting would need to receive the materials from the administrator in advance and upload it for each meeting. With integration, the system can be instructed to call and automatically upload the materials before each meeting. Organic and thorough management of the meeting rooms and content database is a sure point to set you apart from competing services.

When you are ready, use the checklist below to jumpstart your Pagecall API integration.

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  • Do you have a backend developer or someone on your team who can read the API docs and write simple codes for calling Pagecall API to your service?
  • Do you have a dedicated communication channel for questions and requests during the integration process? (e.g., Slack)
  • Have you checked the time required for integration? Engineering can take anywhere between a day to weeks, depending on the availability of internal resources, the development stage of your service, and the potential involvement of outside partners.

Online communication is here to stay. But it's hard to lead the market using conventional videoconferencing tools that do not take detailed end-user experience into account. If you are ready to create a differentiated service, consider Pagecall integration to help you achieve results.

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