COVID-19 has forever changed education: can Pagecall help?

COVID-19 has forever changed education: can Pagecall help?
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We live in a world where we can define our lifetime by what came before, during, and after Covid-19. The pandemic has touched on many aspects of our lives, but for many, one affected most severely was education. According to World Economic Forum, over 1.2 billion children in 186 countries were displaced from classrooms as schools shut globally.

COVID-19 and Global Education

The e-learning industry was experiencing fast growth even before Covid-19. It went from $3.5 billion in 2001 to $107 billion in 2015 and $200 billion in 2019, expected to hit $325 billion by 2025. Despite the growth, e-learning was considered an assistive measure to face-to-face learning and was not the go-to method for most teachers and students.

E-learning refers to a type of education where students learn remotely using the internet. Web-based education, digital learning, interactive learning, computer-assisted teaching and internet-based learning are all known as E-learning.

The outbreak of Covid-19 changed it all. Many schools and universities rushed to migrate their curriculum online, and e-learning became a necessity rather than a nicety. The same was true for the business world, which started investing heavily in online learning solutions to clad itself with the tools to engage and retain its remote workforce.

What happens after Covid-19?

Many parts of the world have returned to the pre-Covid state of life, but the World Health Organization warns against treating Covid-19 as an endemic disease. Schools have resumed, and workforces are returning to the office, but it is clear that the virus has left a permanent imprint in both worlds. Studies show that 44% of employees and 43% of college students believe e-learning is "extremely helpful." Research also suggests that students retain 25-60% more material when learning online than 8-10% in a classroom. Businesses experienced increases in revenue, productivity, and employee engagement.

During the two years, businesses learned to adopt remote and hybrid workplaces, creating ample opportunity for corporate e-learning in the coming years. Schools, too, have learned to adjust their teaching and learning methods and have made online degree programs a permanent part of their curriculum, with some seeing increase in enrollment by 35%.

Rise of eLearning Solutions

The digital transformation involved embracing technology; for most institutions, this meant external-assisted or external-integrated migration. Moodle, Google Classroom, Zoom, and the like, quickly became go-to tools for educators and learners, with Zoom rising to become a household name. The pandemic crisis required everyone, digital native or not, to improve their digital competence. This increase in the tech-savvy population will drive the demand for more sophisticated solutions to meet the needs of various e-learning methods and services.

How can Pagecall help?

As more people become aware that online learning requires more than a simple exchange of verbal communication, online whiteboard companies like Miro, Mural, and Limnu, which have previously been labeled as whiteboard apps, are now being put on the map as educational tools in virtual classrooms. Pagecall offers the same high-quality audio, video, and whiteboard services but is unique because it has its roots in virtual tutoring and has worked extensively with businesses offering educational services.

Pagecall Features for Education

Pagecall is committed to improving the online learning experience, and the product reflects the company's deep knowledge in the field. Pagecall has helped EdTech companies of all sizes launch their online businesses since the onset of the pandemic and continues to power industry leaders by providing new features and updates to best serve the e-learning environment. E-learning is here to stay, and so are we.

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