What is Pagecall?

What is Pagecall?

Pagecall is an online communication software. It helps you interact online seamlessly using page and call modules - a happy marriage of whiteboard and videoconference solutions.

What is unique about Pagecall?

Pagecall is the best tool when it comes to interactive online communication. We understand that simple verbal communication or screen sharing is just not enough, especially when it comes to explaining complex topics or engaging in prolonged discussions.

With Pagecall, you can supplement your conversation with materials. Draw on it. Write on it. Or even highlight and clip a section to refer to in detail later. There's no need to wait for the other person to finish writing. Thanks to Pagecall's ultra-low latency, everyone can annotate at the same time for truly real-time communication. You can share longer texts or links in the chatbox, too.

What makes Pagecall better?

Superior Whiteboard Experience

Pagecall is all about user experience. While we also support desktop and mobile environments, Pagecall shines on tablets. Pair your iPad or Galaxy Tab with Apple Pencil or S-Pen for a stress-free whiteboard experience.

Pagecall is optimized for tablet user experience

Optimized Room Types

We are constantly exploring and designing different types of meeting rooms for you.

Different recommendations depending on your needs

Take online classes, for example. A classroom for a K-6 should look different from an adult-facing classroom. A classroom also features a unique user workflow based on the type of class: one-on-one, group, conversation, or essay writing. Pagecall provides various environments so that the users can focus on communication.

User-friendly Technical Support

As is the case for all real-time communication services, Pagecall is affected by user hardware, OS, browser version, and network conditions. This is true of games or streaming services, too. What's different is that Pagecall is always used by more than one person at a given time. So when there is an issue with the service, the damages are greater.

That's why we are always thinking of ways to empower our customers. Since we can't build a flawless internet connection or upgrade everyone's hardware (we wish!), we focus on providing the right tools for you before, during, and after the meeting to conduct stable service operations.

Intuitive data for visualizing user's network connection

About Pagecall

Pagecall is a state-of-the-art tool for real-time audio, video, and whiteboard interactions facilitating interactive and seamless online communication. We’re transforming the tutoring industry, one lesson at a time.