Customer Story 01: 3 Reasons Caihong’s Solution Conversion Was Seamless Despite 1 Million Members

Customer Story 01: 3 Reasons Caihong’s Solution Conversion Was Seamless Despite 1 Million Members

Caihong: From Conversation to Test Prep, Everything Chinese

Recipient of the ”Parent-recommended Education Brand Award” for 17 consecutive years and ranked 1st in the number of HSK passing students and HSK passing rates. Caihong, undoubtedly a powerhouse in the Chinese language learning market, provides specialized programs for all age groups, from toddlers to adults.

In addition to a tailored curriculum for members, which includes on-site learning and video lessons, Caihong boasts well-structured textbooks and close guidance from native-speaking instructors with top-notch skills.

Why the 1 Million Aggregate User Service Chose Pagecall

Before Pagecall, Caihong had used another video conferencing solution to operate their lessons.

The previous video conferencing solution required instructors and students to download specific files on their PCs and tablets before the class, which was inconvenient. Furthermore, there was often confusion between using the classroom interface on a PC versus a mobile device, disrupting classes. As a result, the preparation process from initial registration to the first class was cumbersome and time-consuming. Additionally, the operational team had to put significant effort into educating users on using the classroom on PCs and tablets separately.

Since real-time classes were prone to connectivity errors, microphone and speaker issues, and classroom functionality malfunctions, resolving these issues relied primarily on the IT department. It was challenging for the operational team to respond to customer reports until the IT department provided a solution. As these issues directly affected member satisfaction, resolving them was crucial. In early 2023, a project was initiated to integrate various Caihong brand services into a single platform.

During this period, they evaluated video conferencing solutions from other online education services in Korea and discovered that ”Daily Daechi”, another service within the same Daekyo Group, had adopted Pagecall in 2022.

Through consultations with the Pagecall team, Caihong learned that Pagecall allowed entry into the classroom without any installation on both PCs and mobile devices. Pagecall already had many users conducting classes on tablets. They also discovered that integrating Pagecall with their new membership management system would allow them to gather data from multiple classrooms. The ability to customize classrooms for foreign language learning services was another factor in choosing Pagecall.

Pagecall in Caihong

Professional and Consistent Support from the Pagecall Team

The professionalism of the Pagecall team has been consistently evident from the pre-integration phase to ongoing collaboration.

Before planning Caihong's services, they examined various video conferencing solutions, but most didn't seem suitable for active note-taking and close communication with students throughout the class. The Pagecall team meticulously understood what Caihong wanted to implement in their service, actively considered solutions and alternatives, and collaborated in resolving issues that arose before the service launch, which left a strong impression.

After integration, they received detailed operational guides for educating instructors and prompt technical support whenever customers reported issues. They appreciated the detailed responses from the Pagecall team when reporting problems, which involved analyzing the issue and following up to see if it was resolved. When the issue was not immediately resolved, Pagecall provided the reasons why, allowing them to consider alternative solutions.

Despite a tight schedule from selecting a video conferencing solution to launching a new service, the Pagecall team's expertise in organizing and setting up the class content enabled a swift transition for the instructors and students to use the service promptly and accurately.

3 Months of Pagecall: Positive Changes

After adopting Pagecall, students found it convenient to log in to the service website and enter the classroom immediately. Additionally, students experienced minimal inconvenience regardless of the type of device they used for access, which was a positive change.

Since foreign language classes involve various textbooks and audio files, quickly searching for and retrieving audio files for each textbook greatly assisted in class management. Furthermore, the issue occurrence rate compared to the total class hours was considerably low, indicating a much more stable experience compared to the past.

"Pagecall team worked with us to address issues from adoption to operation as if we were one team. Thanks to Pagecall, our service was up and running in no time after the conversion."
Daekyo Caihong Business Team, Sangcheol Kim