Pagecall achieves new milestone: 200 million cumulative usage minutes

Pagecall achieves new milestone: 200 million cumulative usage minutes
4198% growth compared to 2019, before COVID
Real-time capability and stability key factors for success
Interest in pilot rises as digital transformation trends globally
Pilot program underway in California

Pagecall, an all-in-one edutech digital transformation solution startup, announced on the 13th that it has surpassed 200 million minutes of cumulative service usage. Converted into years, it amounts to 380 years.

Over the past 9 years, Pagecall has grown by leading the digital transformation of Korean education companies with its specialized education technology. With its core feature, whiteboard, interactive simultaneous writing is possible through tablet PCs, enabling stable online education without interruptions between voice and writing. Pagecall has attracted a cumulative investment of 6.2 billion won.

Pagecall's steady growth was driven by its native technology to maintain real-time capability and stability even in non-face-to-face environments. After the pandemic, education organizations recognized the convenience and necessity of non-face-to-face communication but faced difficulties due to technical issues. Subsequently, as remote and hybrid education became widespread, Pagecall experienced rapid growth, receiving steady interest from reputable education companies such as Daekyo, Woongjin ThinkBig, Seoltab, and Qanda. Cumulative usage time has grown by 4198% compared to 2019, reaching 71.35 million minutes in the past year.

In addition, Pagecall provides administrator-centered edtech features such as customized classroom construction, specialized console for administrator functions, log analysis for class monitoring, and a content library for content integration and management. Furthermore, it offers more than 50 customized features to maximize teaching efficiency, providing an all-in-one customized digital transformation solution that enables customers to achieve digital transformation easily and quickly.

Pagecall plans to use the market insight and technical expertise to propel the digital transformation of global education institutions. Recently, it was selected as an ISV Accelerate Partner of a leading global cloud company, recognized for complying with industry-leading standards and possessing technological prowess and stability. Pagecall was the first selected among Korean public sector partners. Additionally, it responded to inquiries from global education companies at major international events such as the Bett UK and ISTE Live, two of the world's the most prominent education technology exhibitions. A pilot program is underway with an edtech in California.

Piljun Choi, CEO of Pagecall, said, "Focusing on technological development over the past nine years has led to tangible results in addressing the inconveniences of education industry." He added, "Based on the technology validated over the last nine years, we will showcase Pagecall for schools and edtech looking to accelerate digital transformation in the global market."

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