Pagecall selected as the first Korean public sector partner to join AWS ISV Accelerate Program

Pagecall selected as the first Korean public sector partner to join AWS ISV Accelerate Program

Pagecall, an edtech startup specializing in a one-stop digital transformation solution, announced on the 20th that it had been selected as the first Korean public sector partner to participate in the AWS ISV Accelerate Program. The ISV Accelerate Program is a co-sell program for AWS partners that provides software solutions running on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This program helps AWS partners drive new business by connecting participating ISVs with AWS field sales representatives worldwide. 

Partners selected for the AWS ISV Accelerate program adhere to the highest industry standards and undergo a comprehensive evaluation to participate in the program. Pagecall has undergone a thorough architecture and security review to ensure the quality and design of the solution and has also been verified for excellence in customer experience.

Pagecall has honed education technology over the past nine years. Their whiteboard enables simultaneous writing on a tablet PC, and interactive online education is possible without interruption between voice and writing. They also provide a customized whiteboard classroom with features like screen sharing, recording and replay, Content Library, Session Report, Admin Dashboard, and LMS integration.

In particular, in education, where real-time is essential, Pagecall has maintained an exclusive partnership with AWS to implement real-time synchronization and a stable connection environment. AWS's scalable and secure cloud-based technologies, including Amazon Chime SDK for intelligent real-time communication functions, Amazon EC2 for powerful cloud-based computing power, and AWS Identity and Access Management (AWS IAM) for controlling access management to data, help Pagecall provide the best educational environment to our customers.

Piljun Choi, CEO of Pagecall, said, “We are happy to be selected as an ISV-A in the public sector where strict standards are applied based on the technical skills we have accumulated in the education field over the past nine years.” “At the same time, the result of being listed on the AWS Marketplace has made it easier for companies around the world to access the Pagecall solution,” he said.

He added, “In the future, we will increase our competitiveness on the global stage by strengthening our AWS partnership and incorporating generative AI tutor functions.”

Pagecall is an edutech specialized solution equipped with digital synchronization technology and has been growing steadily in the education field for the past nine years, taking the lead in promoting the digital transformation of education companies. Major domestic education companies, such as Daekyo and Woongjin Thinkbig, and edutech companies, such as Seoltab and Qanda, are actively using Pagecall's solutions. Pagecall's cumulative service usage is 140 million minutes, which amounts to 266 years when converted to years. The cumulative investment amount is 6.2 billion won.

Meanwhile, Pagecall participated in Bett UK 2024, the world's largest edutech conference held in London last January, and operated an independent booth, exploring the possibility of cooperation with 300 organizations in Europe and the Middle East. Last year, Pagecall worked to accelerate the digital transformation of global education companies through their proprietary edtech SaaS by participating in ISTE Live 2023, the largest educational technology exhibition in the United States, and responding to inquiries about the introduction of Pagecall from local education companies in the United States.

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Pagecall is a state-of-the-art tool for real-time audio, video, and whiteboard interactions facilitating interactive and seamless online communication. We're transforming the tutoring industry, one lesson at a time.